Festival Workshop Schedule

Festival Workshop Schedule


Moussaka Workshop

Aug 10, 11 und 12 , Thursday, Friday and Saturday
6 people needed for each workshop

Thursday 6 pm: sauces and potatoes. Cutting of eggplants
Friday  10 am: baking of eggplants, assembly of 6 trays, baking of 6 trays
Friday,  6pm: sauces and potatoes. Cutting of eggplants. Freezing of first 6 trays
Saturday 10am: baking of eggplants, assembly, baking of 6 trays.

Dolmades Workshop

August 18 and 19,  Friday and Saturday
filling 4 people needed, rolling as many as possible

Friday 5pm: prepare filling; 6 pm: roll meat dolmathes (350 pieces)
Saturday 10 am: prepare filling; 11 am: roll veg. dolmathes (350 pieces)

Baklava Workshop

Wed. Sept. 27 9 am: 10 trays.  5/6 people.

Spanakopita Workshop

Mon. Sept. 11 5pm, Tues.12  9am; Wed. 13. 9am: 36 trays   10 people needed


Please sign up for these workshops in the Church Hall, so we know ahead of time how many workers will be there. If you cannot sign up at the Church, please call Father at 603-953-3051.