Religious Education Ministry

Religious Education Ministries

A fundamental ministry in a parish is the constant teaching of the faith to parishioners of all ages. Sometimes this takes place in formal classrooms and lectures; sometimes it occurs in informal discussions and in times of prayer. Our Holy Trinity Parish Family is invited to continue their learning journey in the faith through one of these many educational opportunities:

Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets after Communion in the Church Hall. At present we have two groups: a group for younger children and a group for older children.


Inquirers' Class (Introduction to Orthodoxy)

Although this class is geared towards people who are interested in learning about Orthodoxy with a possible desire to enter the Church, it is certainly a good, fundamental review of the doctrines and mindset of the Orthodox Church even for those who have been members of the Church for years.


Re-Catechism Classes

The Re-Catechism program gives those who are Orthodox and would like to refresh their knowledge and acquaintance with the faith a chance to delve into particular topics in greater detail. The classes may be based on the discussion of a text or a lecture with discussion about the lives of the saints or some theological question.


Bible Studies

Our Bible Study sessions can cover either the study of an entire book of the Bible in depth, or follow selected passages of Scripture to fill out a specific theme.