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Welcome to the Holy Trinity Parish Family!

 We welcome you in the Name of Our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

It has been said that a church's website is its front door. We are glad you have reached our front door! Whether you are a long time member looking for information, or a complete stranger, looking to find a church home, open the door and come in! You will find a wealth of information about our worship, our activities and our ministries. If you have any questions, you can ask through our Contact Us page. 


The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church is part of the communion of world-wide Orthodox Churches. We are part of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston under the leadership and pastoral care of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios. In turn, our Metropolis is part of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America under His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros. The leader of our church is His All-Holiness Bartholemew, Patriarch of Constantinople, located in Constantinople (Istanbul) in modern day Turkey.

Historical Highlights of our Community

Our Community was actually organized by 45 people at a General Meeting on July 17, 1930. The following Officers were elected: President, Theodore Lambrukos; Treasurer, James K. Lillios; Secretary, James Mamos; Clerk, Stephen Panagiotou; and Board Members, Eleftherios Peter Manus, Nicholas Tseckares, Eustathios Stefanides, Constantinos Bandidos.

In 1931, the members paid $2300 for a carpenter shop at 4 Union St., the Community's first church. $600 was raised in cash and a $1700 mortgage was secured at $20 monthly, with annual interest at 5%.

On July 23, 1931, the Community incorporated and received a State Charter as the "Greek Orthodox Community". At the same time, the first By-Laws of the Community were ratified by the following members:

Demetrios Mamos
James Cotsanas
Stathas Stefanides
Eleftherios Manus
Christopher Notides
George Stavros
Charles Filides
Nestor George
Christos Mamos
Peter K. Tsavos
John Kiros
Theofanis Papagiannis
Anastasios Tintocalis
Louis Manias
Theodore Lambrukos
Peter Stevens
Anastasios Kiritsy
Lucas Stavros
Paul A. Thomas
Costas Bandidos
Demetrios Karvelas
George Moustakis
John Lillios
Harry Diamond
Paul Christoloudiadis
Vasilios Kleftis
Vasilios Maatras
James K. Lillios
Vasilios Shoubalis
Nicholas B. Tseckares
Charles Tagis
Peter Bart
Christos Telios
Thomas Spanos
K. Bogiatzakis
Thomas Mamos
Aristotelis Mamalis
Spyridon P. Mamos
Vasilios Filides
Louis Theodorou


Gifts to the first church were many. Many of the fixtures, pews, sacred pieces and furnishings were constructed by the parishioners. One of the most devoted of the early members was Michael Tsamandakis who served as custodian, treasurer, fund raiser and in many other capacities. A giant, joyful man, he built the bell tower and installed the new cambana by himself. Every member worked hard and with pride in the new church. The spirit of togetherness prevailed.

Of course, there were several other major events in our Community's history. Limted space permits only the mention of some highlights of the early years:

1931--Our first priest, the Reverend Nicholas Diamandopoulos, or "Father Papanikolaos". He served until 1937, and was replaced by Father Philotheos Ahladas, who served us with distinguished leadership until 1945.

1931--Our Greek language school was organized.

1933--Our Philoptochos Society "Omonoia" was organized. Since its founding, these dedicated women have worked selflessly, ministering to the sick, collecting food and clothing for the impoverished, bringing aid and comfort to everyone in need.

1936--An agreement was signed with the neighboring communities of Franklin and Laconia to proportionately share the priest's services and other costs. The agreement remained in force until 1957.

1937--The Hellenic Youth League (GOYA) was organized.

1940--$1000 was raised to elevte the church foundation and build a church hall in the basement for increasing parish activities, social functions, baptismal and wedding receptions.

1941--Church records show a total of 49 of our young men and women served in the armed forces in World War II. Many of their families worked in defense plants, wrapped Red Cross bandages, worked on farms to produce food, organized clothing drives and everyone bought War Bonds.

1943--Our choir was formed with 10 members by Fr. Ahladas. The first Director was Rita (Tseckares) Koutsos, followed by Thalia (Stavros) Hodrogen, Julia (Tseckares) Pingree, Victoria Zachos, and Denise Ambelos. 

1943--Sunday School was organized. The original teachers were Louisa Timbas, Thalia Hodrogen, Julia (Tseckares) Pingree, Effie (Bandidos) Drivas, Rita (Tseckares) Koutsos, and Mary (Tagis) Georgiades. Tweny-five children were enrolled.

1959--Our present church and parish house were bought. Our priest was Fr. George Karahalios. An energetic Board and dedicated parishioners secured pledges and gifts from over 100 members and friends of the Community.

1960-1991--Our Community began a new era of progress and stability. Second and third geerations of the founders of our Community distinguished themselves in business, law, medicine, teaching, and the arts. They assumed increasing responsibilities for church affairs. New members arriving from other states and other lands brought with them new energies, ideas, and resources.

The story of a church is the story of people. For no matter what is used to construct the building--stone, brick or wook--it is people who are the church; people sharing their joys, fears, triumphs, defeats, despair, hopes and dreams with one another as they worship together. A church isa microcosm of life. One day it welcomes a new Christian in Baptism; the next day it joins two in Holy Matrimony; and on the third we say farewell to a loved one or friend here. A church is a community of people in both the earthly and spiritual sense.

The future of our Church is limited only by our communion with one another and our commitment to see it persevere.

(from the 1991 Anniversary Program)