The Outreach Ministries are dedicated to St. Maria of Paris, a Russian nun who lived in Paris during World War II, and who looked after the poor and destitute of the city as well as saving Jewish children from the Nazis. She finally sacrificed her life in the Nazi gas chamber to save the life of a young mother. To read more about Mother Maria, please see here.

The Mother Maria of Paris Outreach Ministries consists of the many different ministries to which the Church as the Body of Christ is called. We look at the poor, homeless, downtrodden of society as our neighbor and try to be a neighor to him or her. Our ministries also have the good of our own parish family members who are in need.

Although the Ministries have only recently been formally established, under the leadership of Elena Newman, we have accomplished a good deal. We have formed a relationship with the Concord Coalition Against Homelessness, and have begun a First Sunday of the Month Collection of different articles, such as socks, hoodies, underwear, and gas cards needed by the homeless of our town helped by the Coalition. Witht the help of the Sunday School children, we hope to stuff bags with toiletries. We are also looking forward to going carolling in a nursing home during the holidays and providing Christmas greetings for the people there. We are also starting a program to provide meals for our parishioners who are newly returning from the hospital or who are incapacitated.