Photo Gallery

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A Celebration of Community and our Parish's 90th Anniversary!
(10 photos)
Service of the Unnailing from the Cross
(30 photos)
Mystery of Holy Unction (Efchelion) and the Washing of the Feet (Niptir)
(22 photos)
In the Garden of Dionysos: A Viticultural Tour of Greece throughout the Ages, sponsored by the Mother Maria of Paris Outreach Ministries. Presented by Sam Catechis of Stellar Imports.
(8 photos)
Bridegroom Service of Holy Monday
(8 photos)
Cutting and distribution of the Vasilopita
(5 photos)
Parish Council Affirmation of Office
(14 photos)
The Great Blessing of Water and blessing the faithful
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Our 2018 production of the Sunday School Christmas Pageant
(30 photos)
Holy Trinity Church, Concord NH September 22, 2018
(29 photos)
The visit of Metropolitan Methodios to celebrate Liturgy of Pentecost, our Parish Name Day.
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Scenes for our celebration of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord 2018
(13 photos)
Service of the Veneration of the Cross on the 3rd Sunday of Lent 2018
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April 9, 2017
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April 9, 2017 Liturgy and Procession
(78 photos)
May 7, 2017
(11 photos)
Making "An Open Heart" under the direction of Debbie Sousane
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Pentecost, June 4, 2017 our outdoor Gyro Picnic for our Parish Family Celebration
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